What Is The Best Nespresso Machine In 2022? Top 11 Picks Reviewed!

Published: 08/20/22 •  26 min read

Nothing can beat the feeling of having a steaming hot cup of coffee when you can barely open your eyes in the morning before work. Now getting coffee every day from coffee shops can be very heavy on your pockets, right? In that case, buying a coffee maker is the most affordable option to enjoy the deliciousness anytime you want in the comfort of your home. With that being said, nothing can make coffee makers better than Nespresso!

In this guide, I am reviewing 11 top and best Nespresso machines available right now, along with a detailed list of essential buying considerations. By the end of this post, you will be ready to go and pick the best Nespresso machine for yourself.

Now without making you wait any further, let’s dive right in!

Product Name

How does it look like?



Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Maker

  • Versatile

  • Affordable

  • Large Water Tank

Nespresso Gran Lattissima Coffee and Espresso Machine

  • Matte white body

  • Includes a milk frother

Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine

  • Affordable

  • Portable

  • Easy to use and clean

Nespresso Creatista Plus

  • Pre-programmed recipes

  • Sleek Design

CitiZ Original Espresso Machine

  • Very compact

  • Brews on Ice

  • 19-bar pump

Nespresso Vertuo Next

  • Easy to maintain

Nespresso Lattissima one

  • Stylish design

  • Extra-large water tank

  • List Item 3

Nespresso Pixie

  • Quick Heat-up

  • Compact option

Instant Pod

  • Brand-neutral

  • Affordable

Nespresso Lattissima Touch

  • Energy saving

  • 19-bar pump

  • High-performance

Nespresso Inissia

  • Easy to use

  • Quick heat-up time

  • Compact

Table of Contents

How I Tested The Nespresso Machines?

You all probably know that I am a coffee enthusiast, and Nespresso machines and Nespresso Pods are my forte! I tested more than a dozen of top and famous Nespresso Coffee Makers to provide you with detailed and authentic reviews. I visited three Nespresso Boutiques to handpick some of the best coffee makers. Moreover, I spent days and nights testing all the machines and tried all types of coffee drinks with them.

During my testing, I closely examined all the aspects, features, and specs of the coffee makers. I promise that my hard work will never disappoint you! I tested each machine on the basis of its versatility, consistency, convenience, value of money, noise level, maintenance, and taste. After carefully analyzing the machines every day at home, I narrowed the options down to 11 top picks to recommend to all my coffee lovers out there! You can rest assured that all the products in this guide will offer you the best functionality possible – I swear this on my hard work!

11 Best Nespresso Machines

1. Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Maker – Best Overall

Key Features:


Nespresso Vertuo Plus is undoubtedly one of the best Nespresso machines and my top pick! It is a powerful and flexible coffee maker that allows coffee lovers to brew a variety of espresso and coffee drinks; drip coffee, espresso, double espresso, lungo, and ristretto. As it is a Vertuoline machine, it uses Nespresso’s innovative centrifusion method. During my test, I noticed that all types of coffee I made with Vertuo Plus were velvety, rich, and full of crema. Moreover, the machines literally have a one-touch mechanism to operate and give you a quick cup of coffee in the morning.

Making coffee from Nespresso Vertuo Plus

This model is one of the most affordable Nespresso machines equipped with high-end features. Do you know what the best part is? You will get 100 free Nespresso Pods with the machine to start your coffee experience right after the purchase! Another thing I loved about this Nespresso coffee machine is that it was very compact, and takes very less space no matter what counter space I place it on. You can even purchase a separate milk frother like Aeroccino to enjoy other drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. All in all, I fell in love with this coffee and espresso maker, and I am sure you will too!



👍 The machine has a strong and robust construction for durability.

👎 You can not use third-party capsules since it is a Vertuo model.

👍 Easy to clean and use.

👎 No milk frother. You will have to purchase a separate Aeroccino.

👍 Brews a surprisingly hot coffee.

👍 Feature automatic capsule ejection system.

👍 Large water reservoir.

2. Nespresso Gran Lattissima Coffee and Espresso Machine – Best High-End

Key Features:


Gran Lattissima coffee and espresso machine is one of the newest models of Nespresso, and trust me; it is a dream come true for every coffee lover. It has all the features that a person dreams of having in their coffee maker. The unique selling point of Gran Lattissima Original Line Machine is that it includes an integrated milk frother too. The frother is also detachable, so you can even remove it and store it in the fridge when needed. Moreover, the coffee maker offers 9 presets to choose from; espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, lungo, flat white, latte macchiato, cafe latte, hot foam, and hot milk.

 testing Nespresso Gran Lattissima

After trying and testing this machine several times, I must say that its versatility and functionality are unmatchable. It heats up pretty fast, and the brew time for drinks ranges from 20 to 50 seconds. Not to forget, the Gran Lattissima has a very sleek, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing design. It comes in two color options, black and white, but I fell in love with the matte white one. It will complement the decorum in every kitchen and counter space, no matter what the theme is. However, keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive Nespresso machines on my list, but worth every single penny.



👍 Pump pressure brewing system as it is an Original Line model.

👎 Milk frother is hard to clean.

👍 Solid and robust construction.

👎 Very expensive

👍 You can use third-party capsules with it.

👍 Easy to use.

3. Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine – Best Budget

Key Features:


If you are looking for a budget-friendly single-serve coffee maker, then this Nespresso Essenza Mini is all you need! The machine is very compact and small, but still mighty in terms of performance and functionality. It is an Original Line model designed by Breville, and offers two beverage sizes to choose from; espresso and lungo. There is no attached milk frother, but you can still use one by purchasing separately. Trust me; this little giant will fit into the tightest of corners of your kitchen and work perfectly. Also, I found the machine very simple and convenient to use.

testing Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine

The Essenza Mini undoubtedly produced a flavorful coffee with amazing consistency. The espresso was creamy, full-bodied, and super velvety. The water tank is relatively smaller than other products on this list, but I did not mind refilling it as the outcome was remarkable and delicious! Moreover, the machine heated up pretty fast, brew time was ideal, and it required very less maintenance. Also, I found it operating with a minimal sound, just how I like it. All in all, it is a great and versatile option for people looking for something affordable yet functional.



👍 One-touch brewing system.

👎 Only makes espresso.

👍 Compatible with third-party capsules.

👎 It is made of ABS plastic, so it may have durability issues.

👍 Inexpensive and compact

👍 Espresso quality is same as expensive models.

4. Nespresso Creatista Plus – Best Design

Key Features:


Adding another high-end and luxurious-looking coffee maker to the list; The Nespresso Creatista Plus! It is a Nespresso Original Line machine designed by Breville, featuring an outstanding stainless steel body. Not to forget, the machines come with a built-in integrated milk frother. You can choose between 11 milk temperatures and 8 milk textures. Moreover, it offers 7 drink types and sizes to choose from; espresso, ristretto, lungo, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, and flat white. The body, design, and aesthetics of this machine are to die for, and it literally heated up in 3 seconds.

testing Nespresso Creatista Plus

Honestly, I tried the machine many times and the coffee it produced was fluffy, rich, thick, and extremely delicious. The crema and foam were perfect, and the brewing process was very convenient and straightforward. Also, I found the build and construction of this machine pretty solid. Moreover, the machine also indicates when it is time for descaling and cleaning. Just like the Nespresso Gran Lattissima, the price tag of this Creatista Model is also high. However, this beautiful machine will definitely give you countless features and excellent functionality to fulfill all your coffee needs!



👍 Robust stainless steel exterior

👎 Very expensive

👍 Compatible with third-party capsules

👎 Noisy while operating

👍 Features an LED Display

👍 Produces full-bodied coffee

5. CitiZ Original Espresso Machine – Best Original Line Machine

Key Features:


After Essenza Mini, the Nespresso CitiZ is another sleek and compact Original Line machine I tried and loved. This machine is a great alternative to Nespresso Vertuo Plus for people who want to stick to Nespresso Original Line models. It has a modern design and a very small footprint that will fit into every counter space. Despite the small size, its functionality is uncompromised. You can brew 2 cup sizes with the Nespresso CitiZ; espresso and lungo. You can even pair it with an aeroccino milk frother to enjoy a variety of coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

testing Nespresso CitiZ Original Espresso Machine

The machine has all the features that a standard and good coffee maker should have, regardless of the affordable price tag. Moreover, it brewed the perfect and most authentic espresso with a delightful crema that every coffee lover dreams of. Also, the machine is very easy to use; just insert the capsule, push a button, and you are good to go! However, keep in mind that the machine has no ‘glittery’ features like the high-end ones. All in all, the Nespresso CitiZ is a great option for people who are looking for something simple and affordable that fulfills their basic needs.



👍 Compatible with third-party capsules

👎 Can not make regular coffee with milk

👍 Produces a creamy and full-bodies espresso

👍 Very lightweight and portable

👍 Minimalist yet sleek design

6. Nespresso Vertuo Next – Best for Casual Use

Key Features:


Vertuo Next is the latest machine of the Nespresso VertuoLine series, and one of the best-selling models of the brand. It is a slim and sleek coffee maker packed with some mighty features to provide the users with both convenience and functionality. This machine is also built with all recyclable materials to protect the environment. Moreover, Vertuo Next is also equipped with a built-in Bluetooth to allow users to prepare their coffee by clicking on their phones. I tried this feature myself, and the BlueTooth connectivity and process were very smooth and uninterrupted.

testing Nespresso Vertuo Next

I tried making both espresso and simple coffee with Vertuo Next, and I must say, the outcome was full of crema, rich, and delicious. You will not find a built-in milk frother with Vertuo Next, but you can always purchase one separately to enjoy a variety of coffee beverages. Also, the water reservoir is smaller than most of the products on our list. However, the under $200 price tag of Vertuo Next totally justifies this lack of features. Not to forget, the machine has a very modern design with a black and red color theme that is lovely! The brew quality and functionality are also perfect!



👍 Space-saving design

👎 Not compatible with third-party capsules

👍 Automatically detects the capsule type

👎 The unlocking mechanism is difficult to use

👍 A tech-friendly machine

👍 Produces great espresso

7. Nespresso Lattissima One – Best for Variety of Beverages

Key Features:


One can never get enough of the Nespresso Original Line machines, and this Nespresso Lattissima One is proof of this statement. It is one of the most versatile and expensive models by the brand with a price tag of more than $400. First of all, I fell in love with the all-white and graceful design of this machine. It was so luxurious that I wanted to decorate it instead of using it. The best part, the machine also features a built-in automatic milk frother for you to enjoy a variety of coffee beverages with just one click. In short, you will get 3 brewing options to choose from; espresso, lungo, and milky drinks.

testing Nespresso Lattissima One

I tried espresso, latte, and cappuccino with the Nespresso Lattissima One (thanks to the included milk frother), and trust me; the taste, crema, and texture were delightful. The heat-up time was pretty fast, and so was the brewing time. Moreover, the machine is filled with all the automated features that one can ask for. You will literally have to push one button and everything will be done in a matter of seconds. All in all, if you are willing to spend a sky-rocketing amount to get a luxurious coffee maker, the Nespresso Lattissima One is a considerate option!



👍 Compatible with third-party capsules

👎 A very expensive option

👍 Very compact and sleek design

👍 Solid construction

8. Nespresso Pixie – Best Compact Option

Key Features:


Here is another convenient and quick coffee machine from the Nespresso Original Line Series – Nespresso Pixie. Just like its name, the machine was definitely cute too. The machine doesn’t have any fancy extra features, but great functionality is still present. It has a high-quality aluminum exterior and a compact and sleek design to provide you with the utmost convenience. Moreover, It allows the users to choose from two brew sizes: espresso and lungo. This machine is a top pick for everyone who is looking to satisfy their basic coffee desires at an affordable price. 

Honestly, this machine surprised me with the quality of the espresso it brewed. The crema was rich, the brew quality was incredible, and the texture was rich. Moreover, I found the whole interface of the machine very simple and easy to use. All I had to do was push one button and my coffee was ready. Also, it requires close to no maintenance because the machine can descale itself. Yes it does not come with a milk frother and the water reservoir is small, but the price tag is low and you will be getting what you paid for. In short, I recommend Nespresso Pixie to everyone who is looking for something basic.



👍 Quick heat-up

👎 Very small water tank

👍 Durable and incredible design

👎 Doesn’t brew plain coffee

👍 Compatible with third-party capsules

👍 Excellent in terms of portability

9. Instant Pod – Best Brand-Neutral Option

Key Features:


I know this list is all about Nespresso machines, but I couldn’t resist adding this brand-neutral Instant Pod Nespresso Machine compatible with all Original Line Nespresso Pods and K-Cups. It is the creation of the famous company “Instant Pod Multi-cookers” This machine is a versatile option for people who want to try a variety of pods with just one coffee maker. It allows you to choose from 6 brew sizes, 3 for Nespresso pods and 3 for K-cups. Moreover, the machine has a huge water reservoir (larger than most products on this list) and design, but the price is still very affordable.

Nespresso instant pod

This Instant Pod machine is packed with all the necessary features a regular coffee maker should have. As for the coffee quality, it was not remarkable but not bad either. The espresso was well brewed and the texture was fine too. Other than that, the heat-up and brew time was ideal too. Also, the machine has literally a one-touch operating system – so you won’t have to spend much time brewing your coffee. I would only recommend this machine to people who just don’t want to limit themselves to Nespresso Pods, and are a little light on the budget. If you are a  die-hard Nespresso lover, you can skip it!



👍 Large water tank capacity

👎 Not compatible with milk frothers

👍 Convenient and versatile

👎 Very heavy and bulky

👍 Budget-friendly option

10. Nespresso Lattissima Touch – Best Mid-Range Option

Key Features:


Nespresso Lattissima Touch is a mid-range option from the entire Lattissima Series by the brand. It is an Original Line machine equipped with some high-end features to satisfy the needs of every coffee lover. The coffee machine has a touch control system and pre-programmed settings for several beverage types like espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, etc. You will also find an integrated milk frother attached with Lattissima Touch, controlled by literally pressing one button. Moreover, the design of this machine is minimalistic yet very classy and eye-catching. However, keep in mind that it does not steam the milk, just froth.

testing Nespresso Lattissima Touch

Now talking about the brew quality, it was great as expected! I tried making espresso, cappuccino, americano, and latte with this machine, and the quality, texture, and crema were to die for. Additionally, the heat-up and brew time is so fast that you will get your coffee ready to drink in a total of 50 seconds. All in all, I found the Lattissima Touch a considered option for the best Nespresso machine, and recommend it to everybody willing to spend a few extra bucks. Not to forget, its design and appearance will make your kitchen look more aesthetically pleasing.



👍 Simple and easy to use interface

👎 The pump mechanism is not very consistent

👍 Compatible with third-party capsules

👍 Pre-programmed recipes

11. Nespresso Inissia – Best Value

Key Features:


Ending my list with another Nespresso Original Line Machine – the versatile and highly functional Nespresso Inissia! This machine offers great value for money and has a very slim and compact design to fit in any corner or counter space. Despite being tiny, the coffee this machine brews is not less than any barista-style coffee! Again, Nespresso Inissia is only equipped with basic and necessary features – considering the low price tag. Moreover, it has a simple interface literally a two-button control for the convenience of users. In short, the whole brewing process is fully automated and super comfortable.

Nespresso Inissia from inner side

The Inissia coffee maker offers two brew sizes to choose from; espresso and lungo. Now coming to my favorite part, the taste and quality of the coffee were delicious and delightful. The espresso it brews is truly the perfect pick for sleepy mornings. You will find no milk frothing features with this machine, and there will be close to zero customizable settings. But if you are a person living alone in an apartment and looking for something with a low price tag, I would recommend the Nespresso Inissia as the smartest option!



👍 Compatible with third-party capsules

👎 No customizable options

👍 You can adjust the brew size

👎 Small water reservoir

👍 Quick heat-up time

👍 Small footprint

Best Nespresso Machine Buying Guide

All the machines on this list are definitely wonderful, but you still can’t pick just ‘any’ of them. Even the best of the best models might not be the right pick for you. As you have seen, every Nespresso machine has its own specs and features like brew size options, design, and plenty of other things. Similarly, your needs and preferences are also going to be different.

Therefore, it is essential to consider a lot of factors before purchasing the best Nespresso machine. Considering these factors will help you pick a machine that will suit best to your needs and make the most out of your money.

Now you must be wondering, “What are those buying considerations?”, right? As always, I have done the hard work for you. Read on!

Original Line vs. Vertuo Machines

Nespresso manufactures two types of machines: Original Line and Veruo Line models. Both of these lines use different capsules, designed specifically for each machine. Let’s go through the main differences between these two machines:

Nespresso original Line vs vertuo line

Original Line: Original Line have the classic Nespresso machines that use the basic pump and pressure mechanism to brew the coffee. These machines are compatible only with Nespresso Original Line or third-party pods. Also, most of these machines only brew espresso and no other drinks. Moreover, these machines are slightly more expensive than the Vertuo models.

Vertuo Line: Vertuo Line was launched back in 2015 and its machines are equipped with a capsule scanning feature for adjustable brewing cycle. Moreover, these machines use the centrifusion extraction method to brew the coffee by spinning the coffee capsules rapidly. Also, VertuoLine machines are capable of brewing different types of coffee drinks. However, they are only compatible with Nespresso Vertuo pods and have no third-party capsules.

Extraction MethodPump and PressureCentrifusion
Brew Sizes0.30-6.75 oz0.30-17 oz
Brew TemperatureVery HotLess Hot
Third-Party PodsYesNo
Pod Scanning SystemNoYes

What is the Difference Between Vertuo Vs. Vertuoplus Vs. Evoluo Vs. Vertuoplus Deluxe?

People often get confused between all the VertuoLine Models i.e. Nespresso Vertuo, Vertuo Plus, Vertuo Evoluo, and Vertuo Plus Deluxe. In this confusion, they end up picking the wrong option. Are you going to do the same? Don’t worry, I am here to help you out. Here is a quick overview of these 4 machines to understand the major differences between the two:

Nespresso Vertuo

The Nespresso Vertuo uses the new centrifusion technology and offers 4 cup sizes to choose from; Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, and Alto. The machine also heats up very quickly, has an auto shut-off feature, and has a large water tank. It also heats up very quickly.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Vertuo Plus is one of the most versatile, sleek, compact, and affordable machines by Nespresso with automated features and a one-button brewing process. The machine also helps in saving electricity and offers various brew sizes. However, its water tank is relatively smaller than Nespresso Vertuo.

Nespresso Evoluo

Nespresso Evoluo has a sufficient water tank, quick heat-up time, and an incredible design. However, it is a little bit larger and bulkier in design. Moreover, the interface of this machine is very easy; just push one button and your coffee will be ready. 

Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe is an advanced version of the original Vertuo Plus with a large water tank and plenty of other versatile features. The machine has energy-saving capabilities and a modern design.

FeaturesNespresso VertuoNespresso Vertuo PlusNespresso EvoluoNespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe
Brew SizesFive cup sizes (0.30-17 oz)Five cup sizes (0.30-17 oz)Five cup sizes (0.30-17 oz)Five cup sizes (0.30-17 oz)
Water Reservoir54 oz40 oz40 oz60 oz
Heat Up Time15 seconds20 seconds15 seconds20 seconds
Weight11 lbs10.1 lbs12.96 lbs10.1 lbs
Power1350 W1300 W1350 W1300 W
Ease of Use4.5 stars5 stars4.5 stars5 stars

What is The Difference Between Nespresso Breville and Delonghi?

If you think that Nespresso machines are made by Nespresso, you are wrong. The brand only designs the machines and features for both Vertuo and Original Line machines. The rest of the manufacturing process is done by Breville and Delonghi; two renowned espresso machine manufacturers in this world. All the Nespresso machines are manufactured by either of these two manufacturers.

There are not many differences between the Breville and Delonghi machines. You will only notice minor changes in the design. For example, the Breville models will have a more round-ish top, and the Delonghi ones will have a square-ish.

Other than the design, there are no differences in the coffee quality and the pods’ compatibility will remain the same. Also, both manufacturers use the signature Nespresso technology in the machines.

So, which manufacturer to choose totally depends on your aesthetic preference and the fact which design will look perfect sitting in your kitchen or counter space.

Which Nespresso Machine is Suitable for Your Drink Preference?

It is very important to identify what types of coffee drinks you prefer while looking for the Best Nespresso Machine. All Nespresso machines can make the classic espresso, but some can also brew other drinks like Cappuccino, Latte, Latte Macchiato, Americano, etc.

If your plan is to just brew espresso, then any Nespresso machine will do the job for you. However, if you want to experience all the drinks of coffee heaven, you will need to purchase a more versatile machine, preferably with a milk frother option. I have added both types of Nespresso machines to the list. Just figure out your drink preference and purchase accordingly.

Size of Nespresso Machine

As you have seen on the list, Nespresso machines come in a variety of sizes and weights. Some are compact and lightweight, while some are huge and bulky. Also, some machines have a large water reservoir and some have a small one. Now, the decision of which size to opt for depends on the space you have and your requirements too.

For this, it would be best if you measure your counter space and then look for a machine accordingly so that it fits perfectly. Similarly, you can opt for machines with a small water reservoir if you can, depending on your needs. Small water reservoirs mean a compact machine, ideal for people who are tight on space.

I have mentioned the sizes of all the machines in detail on the list above. So, be wise while picking one!

Accessories with Nespresso Machines?

Always try to look for options that come with extra accessories like a capsule storage system or an integrated milk frother to offer you more and more convenience and versatility. A capsule storage system is a great deal for keeping all your pods organized in one place instead of just scattering them everywhere in your kitchen.

Similarly, a milk frother will work like a cherry on top of your Nespresso machine. It will offer extreme versatility and allow you to enjoy a variety of milky coffee drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. Many products on this list have a built-in milk frother. You can also find bundles of Nespresso Machines and Aeroccino Milk frothers

How to Descale A Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso machines are designed in a way that they require very less maintenance. Still, it is essential to clean them after every use and often descale them to remove debris and other build-ups from the water reservoirs, milk frothers, drip trays, etc. While some Nespresso machines come with self-cleaning and self-descaling features at a very high price, some don’t.

To descale them, first, you need to purchase a descaling solution or the Nespresso Descaling Kit. Fill the water reservoir with water, add some descaling solution to it, and turn on the machine. Let the descaling solution thoroughly run to every part of the machine. After that, just simply rinse the machine with water and it will be descaled.

If you can’t find a descaling solution somehow, you can make one yourself by mixing vinegar, water, and some dish soap.

What is the Difference Between Nespresso and Keurig?

Keurig is one of the biggest competitors of Nespresso which manufactures single-serve pod coffee machines for consumers. While people think Keurig and Nespresso are somewhat the same, there are some differences that make one better than the other.

Nespresso takes brewing your coffee very seriously and offers intense extraction methods for it. Both the pump pressure and centrifusion method will provide you with a high-quality brewing experience, and the design and technology of Nespresso machines will give you nothing but versatility and convenience.

On the other hand, Keurig machines are more affordable than Nespresso and offer what standard K-cups offer. If you are a little tight on budget, want something basic, and are not willing to spend extra, Keurig coffee makers can be a good choice.

How to Choose and Buy Nespresso Pods?

Nespresso Pods and Capsules are easily available on Amazon, the Nespresso website, and Nespresso Boutiques. You can also find original Nespresso and third-party compatible pods at Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target.

However, first, you need to choose what types of pods you prefer before moving to the buying part. First of all, you need to see what machine you have (Original or Vertuo) and then purchase the pods accordingly. If you have an Original Line model, you can choose both Nespresso Original pods or third-party compatible capsules. However, if you have a VertuoLine model, you are stuck with Nespresso Pods only.

After this, you need to see how you like your coffee. Nespresso Pods come in different intensity levels, flavors, and roast levels. If you like your coffee bitter and acidic, choose a pod with high intensity. If you want your coffee light, choose a pod with low intensity. Similarly, you will find fruity, chocolaty, and nutty flavor options; pick the ones that suit your taste preference!

Warranty of Nespresso Machines

All Nespresso machines come with 2 years of warranty. During these two years, Nespresso will deal with defective materials, manufacturing defects, repairs, and replacements under strict terms and conditions. To claim the warranty, you can call the Nespresso helpline or visit your nearest Nespresso store with the warranty card.

Impact on the Environment

The world is taking protective measures currently for the betterment of the environment, and so is Nespresso. All the Nespresso Capsules are made with recyclable aluminum and the brand also offers a free program for recycling. You can order two recyclable bags from Nespresso every month for free. You can put the used capsules in the bag and send them back to Nespresso for recycling. 

The Bottom Line

I hope that this guide and my recommendations helped you with the overwhelming process of buying the best Nespresso machine. So, have you already shortlisted the products to one or two? That’s good!

However, if you ask me, the Nespresso Vertuo Plus is my top pick! It is affordable, equipped with incredible features, and most importantly, the design is unique, sleek, and compact.

No matter what product you choose, just make sure it fits all your requirements and preferences. Have fun Brewing!


What is the heat-up time of Nespresso machines?

Nespresso Machines heat up very quickly because of their small metal tube. On average, Nespresso coffee makers heat up in 3 to 10 seconds, depending on the machine type.

Do Nespresso machines brew real espresso?

No, we can not consider Nespresso as a real espresso. Its brew time, temperature, and pressure slightly differ from the real espresso. Moreover, the consistency and taste of real espresso are also a bit better than what Nespresso brews. Still, Nespresso coffee is a great alternative to real espresso.

Can you use other capsules in a Nespresso machine?

Yes, you can use third-party capsules in Nespresso machines. There are many brands that sell Nespresso Compatible Capsules for the Original Line machines. However, you can not use third-party capsules for Nespresso Vertuo Line machines.

Can Nespresso capsules be recycled?

Yes, Nespresso capsules are fully recyclable for the betterment of the environment. Nespresso offers a free pods collection system to reuse the aluminum pods for several purposes. These pods can be filled with coffee again, or the aluminum can be used somewhere else.

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