How Many Calories Are There In Nespresso Coffee Pods ?

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Nespresso coffee is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite because of its taste and the convenience of making it. The Nespresso pods are the primary part of brewing Nespresso coffee. The pods come in different flavors with different intensities ranging from mild to high. The excellent packaging of the Nespresso coffee pod keeps the taste and flavor fresh till its use.

For a healthy relationship with caffeine, you should know the number of calories in each pod. The caffeine intake contributes to your calorie consumption, so you must monitor how much you consume. The pods usually do not have any nutrient facts written on them.

On average, if you brew 1.35 oz of an espresso shot, it will contain 0.8 calories. Similarly, 8 oz of coffee has five calories.

The calories depend on how you make your coffee, how much you make, and how often you have it throughout the day. Consuming an espresso shot on its own has fewer calories, but if you add whole milk, cream, sugar, or other sweetened condiments, the calories increase accordingly. The milk-based drinks will have more calories than espresso.

Read till the end to know more about the calories in Nespresso capsules, but first, let’s dig into the basics for a better understanding.

What are Nespresso Pods?

Nespresso pods are small containers with finely ground coffee beans of different flavors, various intensities, and unique aromas. With intricate packaging, every pod has a seal to keep the contents safe and fresh. The Nespresso machine pierces through the seal of pods to extract the contents, brewing a fresh cup of coffee.

Nespresso pods

Nespresso capsules come in two categories. The Vertuo Pods and Original Pods.

What is the difference between Vertuo Pods and Original Pods?

Just like the Nespresso Machines, Vertuo pods and Original pods also differ. Vertuo Pods are comparatively larger and offer up to five different brew sizes. The Vertuo machines do not accept any other alternative pods and immediately reject them. Depending on the size and flavor, the vertuo pods have higher calorie content than the original pods.

Original pods are smaller than vertuo pods and have three sizes for brewing coffee. These pods are low-priced but have third-party substitutes compatible with OriginalLine machines. Due to being smaller in size than the Vertuo pods, the original pods contain fewer calories.

Nutrient Facts of Vertuo Pods

Single Espresso1.35 oz Double Espresso2.7 ozGran Lungo5 ozCoffee 8 oz
Calories0.8 1.7 3.15
Saturated Fat0.8 mg 1.5 mg2.8 mg4.5 mg
Sugar2 mg3 mg6 mg10 mg
Sodium0.3 mg0.3 mg1.3 mg2 mg
Trans Fat0.0 mg0.0 mg0.1 mg0.1 mg
Protein29 mg57 mg106 mg170 mg
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg00 mg
Total Carbs51 mg101 mg188 mg300 mg
Dietary Fiber115 mg230 mg425 mg680mg 

Nutrient Facts of Original Pods

Ristretto0.85 ozEspresso 1.35 ozLungo3.7 oz
Saturated Fat0.5 mg 0.8 mg2.1 mg
Sugar1 mg2 mg5 mg
Sodium0.2 mg0.3 mg0.9 mg
Trans Fat0.0 mg0.0 mg0.0 mg
Protein18 mg79 mg29 mg
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg0
Total Carbs32 mg51 mg139 mg
Dietary Fiber72 mg115 mg315 mg

Do the ingredients in your coffee change the calories?

Yes! How you make your coffee determines the calorie content. The calories depend on the type of beverage you are making, so before coming to a conclusion about the calories. Figure a few things out. Is it black coffee or a milk-based drink? Are you adding whipped cream or other condiments? How many cubes of sugar does it contain? What type of milk are you adding, whole milk or almond milk? The answers to these questions will tell you the calories present in the cup of coffee you are consuming.

To make it easier for you to figure out, here is a list of ingredients with their impact on calories of your coffee cup:

1. Coffee with Whole milk

whole milk

If you like cappuccinos and lattes and you are using whole milk to make them, your coffee will have a higher calorie content due to the calories and fat present in the milk. While using your Aeroccino to add milk, It will be around 120 ml of whole milk containing 73 calories. Another possibility is that you are not frothing the milk and adding it directly, which means the quantity of milk is more, and so are the calories. 

2. Coffee with Cream

An espresso shot has only 0.8 calories. When you add additional carbs and fats by adding cream, the calorie content of the espresso shot will increase up to 20, which can vary depending on the cream you are using.

3. Coffee with Skimmed Milk

Making coffee with skimmed milk will have fewer calories than whole milk. If you add frothed skimmed milk, the coffee will have 43 calories, but if you are not frothing it and adding double the quantity, it will contain 86 calories. Calculate the calorie content by adding milk calories to the negligible calories of your espresso shot.

4. Coffee with Sugar

How many calories a coffee with sugar has depends on the amount of sugar. A teaspoon or cube of sugar has 16 calories. The calories will multiply as you increase the teaspoons. You can substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners to reduce the calorie content.

5. Coffee with Chocolate


Coffee and chocolate seem like the perfect combination for chilly weather. However, we forget the extra calories we consume while fulfilling our cravings. A delicious cup of Mocha has 190 to 250 calories, so you better keep the serving small.

6. Bulletproof Coffee

There are raving reviews about bulletproof coffee as a healthy beverage. It is popular among people who do ketosis or low carbs diets because this coffee consists of good fats. However, it doesn’t have low calories. After adding Nespresso coffee pods calories, a bulletproof coffee has 342 calories. The calorie content is higher than coffee with milk, sugar, or cream, but it is healthy and low in carbs.

What are the Nespresso Pods made of?

Nespresso Pods is known for its quality and also its sustainability. Its aluminum cover and proper seal keep the flavors fresh and save the coffee beans from moisture. To minimize the environmental impact, Nespresso has set up recycling plants. You can get recycling bags from their website and ship the discarded pods back to the company.

Are the calories affected by the shape of a Pod?

shape of Nespresso pods
shape of Nespresso pod

The shape of a pod doesn’t impact the calories, but the size does. The bigger a coffee pod is, the more coffee beans it contains, and it will have a higher calorie content. For better understanding, if we compare Nespresso Vertuo and Original pods, VertuoLine capsules are comparatively big than the Original Pods, so they have more calories. Similarly, a 3.5 oz lungo contains more calories than a 1.35 oz espresso shot because of the serving size.

What is the shelf life of Nespresso Pods?

Each Nespresso pod contains the necessary information regarding the production and expiration dates. The pods expire 6 to 9 months after production. Even after the expiration, they are not harmful to consume but lack the flavors and quality. Keeping the pods in a cool and dry place can ensure their freshness for up to 4 months.

The Bottom Line

Nespresso coffee is not high in calories or carbs, and you can drink it without hesitation. However, adding any toppings or condiments will automatically raise the calorie content. People who have diabetes, are trying to lose weight, or are just health conscious should focus on the extra calories they add to their coffee. An espresso shot consumed on its own can work as an antioxidant for you and give you a boost of energy, but when your add sugar or milk to it, the whole scenario changes.


Does Nespresso flavored coffee have calories?

Yes! Each Nespresso Flavored pod has negligible calories ranging from 2 to 5. If you add more flavors or toppings, the calories will increase accordingly.

Can you drink Nespresso on keto?

Nespresso coffee on its own is keto-friendly because it is low in calories and carbs. However, if you add milk or sugar, it won’t be.

Is Nespresso Safe?

Nespresso ensures that its coffee is free of any toxins. The coffee beans in a pod come in an aluminum cover rather than plastic to minimize the environmental and health harms.

Do Nespresso capsules have carbs?

Nespresso pods are low in carbs. The carbohydrates range from 50 to 300 mg, depending on the pod.

Do Nespresso pods have sugar in them?

No! Nespresso pods do not contain any sugar. Even the flavored pods, like Vanilla, are free of any sugar.

How many calories are in a Nespresso vanilla pod?

Nespresso vanilla pod contains two calories, with no carb, protein, or fat.

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