Hans Mast, Editor & Owner

Hans Mast posing with eight Keurig K-Cup coffee machines he's testing for Coffee Credible, along with his coffee bar and DeLonghi espresso machine in the background
Hans Mast

Isn’t it neat that our chemical addiction is the only socially acceptable one?

I drink several double-shots of espresso every day.

Every few months, I reset my caffeine resistance by going cold turkey and then sleep 12-hour nights.

Many are addicted to coffee itself—and don’t get me wrong, I love coffee!—but I am also addicted to coffee gear.

My wife has found all sorts of chemistry-looking gear or odd-looking kitchen appliances buried in the dark corners of our basement. Those are some of my more embarrassing or impractical coffee-making devices that I’ve purchased over the years.

I’ve also traveled to 60 countries and visited coffee shops from Bali to Boston to Bangkok to Brisbane. It’s part of my travel ritual.

I consider myself a coffee snob without being snobbish. I’m very particular about my coffee, but I love Starbucks and my favorite espresso bean is extremely cheap. I’m very dogmatic about having the best, but that means best bang for buck, which isn’t always the fancy, high-falutin’, craft-coffee stuff. I’m convinced many of the craft-coffee people do what they do purely for social signaling, and not for taste.

I have, however, spent $150 for an afternoon tea/coffee at the Burj al Arab and experienced high-end baristas at luxury hotels and first class lounges.

I’ve also experienced a $0.25 Vietnamese coffee from a roadside vendor in Vietnam.

So I’ve experienced the full gamut of coffee options.

I love science and experiments. I use that approach in my reviews and tests. I test the temperature and time it takes to make a cup. I do the math on cost per cup. When you come here, you’ll get the facts and stats.

And of course I bring opinions. But not just my opinion! I know taste is a very subjective thing. So that’s why I try to often include panels of taste testers, who range from your average joe (ha!) all the way to professional baristas and food science professionals who describe the tasting notes in fancy and mysterious terms.

I also bring a hatred of esoteric coffee machine manuals, which I strive to replace for you with easy-to-understand videos and instructions on troubleshooting, descaling, and maintenance of your coffee machines.

☕️ Bottom line, I want all of us to have the best possible coffee. ☕️

The Rest of the Team

Ahmad Khan, Founder

Ahmad Khan

Ahmad, the founder of Coffee Credible is a dedicated coffee aficionado and caffeine enthusiast. He first discovered the magic elixir while he was a student. Ahmad has been a coffee fanatic with an ever-increasing passion. Since his earlier days of relying on mass-produced coffee to get him through his late-night study sessions, he has come a long way… now he has love and appreciation of the entire coffee experience from farm to cup.

He established Coffee Credible, through which he helps the community and offers a variety of articles and a blog to assist all with coffee-related problems.

Tasha Lawrence

Tasha Lawrence, Writer

As a working mom of three, coffee has always been Tasha’s best friend. After her third child, she soon realized that she could leverage this interest to become something more than just a hobby. And so began her journey of writing about anything coffee to help introduce to people the wonders and joys of a good cup of coffee.

Manahil Tahir, Writer

Mahil Tahir

As a freelance writer, Manahil relies heavily on coffee, particularly iced Americano. Coffee is her favorite topic to write about. She has penned several writings for years and has now successfully made a living from it, merely combining two of her favorite things!

When Manahil isn’t chugging coffee by the minute and writing on her laptop, she likes to read, listen to music, spend time in nature, watch dog videos, and be active. If you ever catch her without her coffee, she’s definitely contemplating brewing another one for herself.

Hira Naveed, Writer

Hira is a freelance writer who relies heavily on coffee, hot or iced, to keep her energized throughout the day. It’s her passion to share about all things coffee, especially if it means trying out the latest trends. Having spent years writing poems, essays, and short stories, she decided to turn her passion into a career. Her love of coffee and writing made the perfect match.

As much as she likes to write about coffee, Hira enjoys baking, exercising, and hanging out with friends. She is also a bookworm and a big fan of horror movies. There is always something different she is doing, but the cup of coffee in her hand remains constant.