Meet our team

Ahmad Khan

Ahmad, the founder of Coffee Credible is a dedicated coffee aficionado and caffeine enthusiast. He first discovered the magic elixir while he was a student. Ahmad has been a coffee fanatic with an ever-increasing passion. Since his earlier days of relying on mass-produced coffee to get him through his late-night study sessions, he has come a long way, now he has love and appreciation of the entire coffee experience from farm to cup.

Decades later, Ahmad made the decision to use his interest to benefit everyone . He subsequently established Coffee Credible, through which he helps the community and offers a variety of articles and a blog to assist all with coffee-related problems.

Tasha Lawrence

As a working mom of three, coffee has always been Tasha’s best friend. After her third child she soon realized that she could leverage this interest to become something more than just a hobby. And so began her journey of writing about anything coffee to help introduce to people the wonders and joys of a good cup of coffee.

Manahil Tahir

As a freelance writer, Manahil relies heavily on coffee, particularly iced Americano. Coffee is her favourite topic to write about. She has penned several writings for years and has now successfully made a living from it, merely combining two of her favourite things!

When Manahil isn’t chugging coffee by the minute and writing on her laptop, she likes to read, listen to music, spend time in nature, watch dog videos, and be active. If you ever catch her without her coffee, she’s definitely contemplating brewing another one for herself.

Hira Naveed

Hira is a freelance writer who relies heavily on coffee, hot or iced, to keep her energized throughout the day. It’s her passion to share about all things coffee, especially if it means trying out the latest trends. Having spent years writing poems, essays, and short stories, she decided to turn her passion into a career. Her love of coffee and writing made the perfect match.

As much as she likes to write about coffee, Hira enjoys baking, exercising, and hanging out with friends. She is also a bookworm and a big fan of horror movies. There is always something different she is doing, but the cup of coffee in her hand remains constant.