Best Nespresso Tea Pods in 2022

Published: 10/14/22 •  9 min read

Coffee is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about Nespresso machines. However, did you know these machines are also capable of brewing tea? Yes, you heard that right!

If you are not a coffee lover, you can kickstart your hectic day by brewing a perfect cup of tea with your Nespresso machine. Tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but it still freshens your mind while offering countless health benefits.

So, are you wondering how to brew tea with your Nespresso machines? As always, I am here to answer all your questions! In this post, I’m sharing my top 5 picks for the Best Nespresso Tea Pods, along with a detailed guide to give you a smooth brewing experience. Keep Reading!

Product Name

How does it look like



Tea Boquete Earl Grey Black Tea Pods

  • OriginalLine Compatible

  • Refreshing black tea with flower notes

The Republic of Tea Organic U-Matcha Green Tea Pods

  • OriginalLine Compatible

  • Energizing and Organic Green Tea

Origen Tea Variety Pack - Nespresso Original Line Compatible Tea Pods

  • OriginalLine Compatible

  • 3 flavors; Green Tea, Fruit Blend, and Black Tea

Tea Boquete Nespresso Compatible Green Tea Pods

  • OriginalLine Compatible

  • 100% Organic Green Tea

20 English Breakfast Black Tea Pods

  • OriginalLine Compatible

  • Authentic English Tea with the perfect taste and aroma!

Why Should You Trust Us?

As you all know that experimenting with Nespresso machines is my only hobby, so I decided to answer the most popular question – “Can Nespresso Make Tea?”

I found and purchased some of the best Nespresso-compatible tea pods to curate an in-depth buying guide for all coffee lovers! After several days of testing, I am recommending my top 5 picks for the Best Nespresso Tea Pods.

I promise my hard work will give you an incredible tea-brewing experience with your Nespresso machines!

Now without making you wait any further, let’s dive into the best products!

Tea Boquete Earl Grey Black Tea Pods


Starting our list with these traditional Earl Grey Black Tea Pods by Tea Boquete. It is a pack of 20 pods only compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines. Also, the pods come in a regal black zip-lock bag for convenient storage.

Tea Boquete Earl Grey Black Tea Pods

Honestly, I loved the taste and aroma of the tea these pods brewed. There were subtle notes of flowers and the classic tea flavor that soothed my mind and soul. I would recommend brewing the tea for at least 40 seconds.



👍 Ideal caffeine content

👎 The tea may be weak for some people

👍 Great taste

👍 Offers excellent value for money

The Republic of Tea Organic U-Matcha Green Tea


The Japanese Matcha Green Tea never fails to give a boost of energy and freshness to your mind and soul, right? Well, this is why I have these Organic U-Matcha Green Tea Pods next on the list! These pods are compatible with all Nespresso OriginalLine machines.

All I had to do was just insert the pod into my Nespresso machine, push my button, and my smooth and velvety green tea was ready! I even added some foamed milk to twist the tea, and the result was surprisingly amazing!



👍 100% organic ingredients

👎 Not suitable for black tea lovers

👍 Recyclable capsules

👍 Energizing and refreshing

Origen Tea Variety Pack – Nespresso Compatible Tea Pods


Next on my list is this variety pack that contains three flavors of the best-selling pods by Origen Tea; Marrakech Green Tea, Forest Fruit Tea, and Chai Spiced Tea – 10 pods for each flavor. These pods are compatible with all Nespresso OriginalLine machines. Trust me; all the flavors were a delight to drink!

The Marrackech green tea was super light and refreshing, the Forest Fruit Tea contained no caffeine and had a heavenly fruity flavor, and the Spiced Chai black tea blend was very energizing. This variety pack is all you need if you love enjoying different tea flavors!



👍 Very affordable

👎 Very less amount of caffeine

👍 Offers a variety of flavors

👍 Great taste and quality

Tea Boquete Nespresso Compatible Green Tea Pods


I can’t get enough of green tea, and this product next on my list is proof of that! These Nespresso-compatible green tea pods by Tea Boquete come in a pack of 20 and brew one of the finest-tasting green teas – no kidding!

The tea had a subtle yet excellent flavor with no bitterness or artificial flavors. Also, the first sip felt like a boost of freshness and energy filling my mind and body. All in all, it is a great product, especially for morning drinkers.



👍 Very affordable

👎 Not suitable for black tea lovers

👍 Organic

👍 Amazing taste

20 English Breakfast Black Tea Pods


The last on the list is another by Tea Boquete; The English Breakfast Black Tea Pods! The pods come in a pack of 20, and the tea truly makes your breakfast feel like heaven! They are a blend of organic black and kalgar tea.

The pods took a maximum of 40 seconds to brew in my Nespresso machine. As for the taste – it was delicious and remarkable! Also, the fragrance was super refreshing and pleasant. However, keep in mind that these pods have high caffeine content.



👍 Budget-friendly option

👎 Caffeine content might be high for some people

👍 100% organic

👍 Rich and robust flavor

Things To Consider Before Buying Nespresso Tea Pods

Up till now, you have gone through my top 5 picks for the best Nespresso Tea Pods – but this is not the end of your buying process. Every tea pod has its own specs like caffeine content, flavor, etc. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly consider a lot of factors before finally making the purchase. After all, you don’t want all your money to go to waste, right?

To give you a helping hand, I am jotting down a few valuable things you need to consider before buying Nespresso Tea Pods. Read on!

Nespresso Machine Compatibility

If you are looking for tea pods for your Nespresso machine, first of all, you need to make sure that you have an OriginalLine model. Nespresso launches its machines in two signature lines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine. Unfortunately, tea pods only work with OriginalLine models, not the VertuoLine ones.

Types of Tea Pods

You should know that there are different types of Nespresso-compatible tea pods available in the market; green tea, black tea, matcha tea, etc. Each type of tea has its own flavor, health benefits, and origin. Now, what type of tea pod to choose totally depends on your personal preferences and taste.

However, green tea will always be my personal favorite. They are usually made from herbs like chamomile and lavender. Apart from the refreshing taste, green tea also contains countless health and medicinal benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps in wound healing, and also improves the overall gut and digestive system.

Similarly, Marrakesh Mint tea is also a type of green tea that originates from Morocco. It is a refreshing blend of mint and green tea leaves. English Breakfast Tea is another type of green tea that contains a blend of Ceylon and Assam Tea.


After types, you will come across different types of flavors while looking for Nespresso Tea Pods. Again, the decision of flavor to choose totally depends on your personal preferences. Some people like fruit blends, some like mint flavors, and so on. To help you decide, here is a complete list of flavor variations you will see in tea pods:

  1. Forest Fruits Tea
  2. Masala Tea
  3. Ginger Tea
  4. Lemon Tea
  5. Mint Tea
  6. Cinnamon Tea
  7. Black Citrus Tea


Make sure that the tea pods you are planning to purchase are convenient in terms of usability and functionality. Generally, tea pods have a brewing time written on their packaging – pay close attention to that. The longer your pods are brewing, the more your tea will lose its taste. So, try to opt for tea pods with the minimum brewing time possible. Moreover, try to ensure that the pods you are buying give you the smoothest brewing experience possible.

Nespresso machine on table
Image Source: Podstar

Environmental Impact

As much as I love tea pods, there is one thing that always bothers me – the fact that you have to dispose of the pods into waste after use. This is not only a bit inconvenient but also harmful to our environment. So, try to opt for recyclable or refillable tea pods, so they don’t go to waste.

How to Make Tea With Nespresso Coffee Maker?

It is possible to make tea with your Nespresso Coffee Maker. However, you need to keep in mind that the process is not going to be as easy as brewing a coffee. You will need to take a few measures to prepare your Nespresso machine to brew tea.

As always, I’m here to the rescue! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make tea with your Nespresso Coffee Maker:

  1. Fill up the water tank of your machine.
  2. Warm a cup of water first and then discard it to clear away all the coffee residue.
  3. Put the cup again and re-program your machine by pressing and holding the lungo button until it dispenses your desired amount of water.
  4. Discard the water again once you have programmed the machine.
  5. Then, open the capsule container of your machine and put the tea pod inside.
  6. Press the Lungo button on your machine.
  7. Wait for the tea to brew until it dispenses into the cup.
  8. Enjoy your tea to the fullest.


Does Nespresso Make Green Tea Pods?

No, Nespresso does not make Green Tea Pods. However, you can find several third-party compatible options like the ones mentioned in this list.

Can Nespresso Make Tea?

Yes, Nespresso can make both tea and coffee. All you need to do is put tea pods into the machine instead of the coffee ones. You can also take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to make tea with your Nespresso machine mentioned above. 

Can You Make Latte Art With Nespresso?

Yes, high-end and expensive Nespresso machines like Creatista can help you make latte art with built-in steam and milk-frothing accessories. However, you won’t find this feature in mid-range models.

Which Nespresso Pods Are Sweet?

Up till now, the sweetest Nespresso pod with less bitterness and acidity I have come across is the Volluto Grand Cru. It contains lightly roasted coffee beans and sweet hints.

Which Nespresso Pod Is Decaf?

Here are some of my favorite Decaf Pods by Nespresso:

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