How Much Caffeine Is in a Nespresso Coffee Pod?

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Have you ever wondered how much caffeine your favorite Nespresso coffee has? This article provides details about the Nespresso capsules and their caffeine content. Nespresso has an exceptional range of coffee pods used widely by the coffee lovers. Nespresso has maintained its reputation in the espresso industry for having coffee capsules filled with rich flavors and aroma, creating the best brew.

The brand uses fine Arabica and Robusta beans for its capsules, sourced from Africa and Asia. The pods are in various colors and sizes, and made from aluminum which keeps the coffee grounds intact. The Nespresso OriginalLine pods generally contain 5 or 6 grams of roast and ground coffee. The default pour size of Nespresso capsules is 40 ml of Espresso and 110 ml of Lungo.

The Nespresso Caffeine Content depends on the coffee grounds:

Robusta Beans
2.4 %
Arabica Beans
1.2 %
Decaf beans
Less than 0.1 %

What are Nespresso Original and Vertuo Pods?

The Nespresso coffee capsules have two categories; the original line and Vertuo line. The Original capsules consist of 55-65 mg of caffeine content. Cosi, having the lowest amount, contains 59 mg of caffeine, and Kazaar contains the highest caffeine content of 125 mg. The vertuo capsules have more caffeine content than the original line. Alto capsule has 228-350 mg of caffeine; the highest level in the vertuo line. Vertuo capsules usually contain 120-200 mg of caffeine.

There are a total of 46 Original capsules with the newly introduced ones. The VertuoLine has 43 capsules.

Both Original and Vertuo capsules have different intensities. Some People associate  intensity levels with the caffeine content in a Capsule, but that is not the case. A Capsule with more caffeine doesn’t mean it will have a higher intensity. The intensity level depends on the roasting and the type of coffee grounds that a capsule contains. It ranges from 1 to 13, with 1-6 being subtle and sweet, and any Capsule above six is considered strong or intense.

Nespresso Caffeine Content Nespresso Original CapsulesNespresso Vertuo Capsules
HighestKazaar (120-125 mg)Intenso XL (228-350 mg)
MediumCosi (55-65 mg )Half Caffeinato (90 mg)
LowestVolutto Decaf (1.7 mg)Decaffeinato (less than 12 mg)

What does the Nespresso Intensity mean?

The Nespresso capsule intensity is often falsely correlated with caffeine content and flavors. However, the intensity level depends on just two factors; the roast and coffee grounds.

The intensity of a coffee blend refers to its overall character. It depends on its flavor, aroma, and consistency. It will have a higher intensity if it has a rich flavor, a strong aroma, and a pronounced body. A light-bodied coffee with a subtle aroma and sweet flavor will have low intensity.

Another factor affecting the intensity level is the roast. The longer the coffee is roasted, the more intense the pour. The Nespresso coffee contains Arabica and Robusta beans. The roasting of these beans contributes to the intensity level of the coffee. The roasting is crucial for coffee brew because it decides the Intensity level and bitterness.

Nespresso Original Pods

To understand the Nespresso caffeine content and cup sizes, you need to know what sizes Nespresso offers.

Cup Size

Caffeine Content

Popular flavors

Espresso (1.35 oz)

60 mg

  • Istanbul

  • Caprico

  • Ispirazione Napoli

  • Cosi

Lungo (3.72 oz)

75-85 mg

  • Cape Town

  • Tokyo

  • Vienna

  • Shanghai

  • Buenos AiresN

Ristretto (0. 84 oz)

55-65 mg

  • Ispirazione ristretto italiano

Caffeine Content in Nespresso Original Pods

Capsule nameNespresso Intensity levelCaffeine ContentServing
Rio De Janeiro 965-75 mgEspresso
Istanbul espresso855-65 mgEspresso
Paris espresso 655-65 mgEspresso
Cape Town1077-85 mgLungo
Stockholm 877-85 mgLungo
Tokyo Lungo677-85 mgLungo
Vienna Lungo 677-85 mgLungo
Shanghai Lungo577-85 mgLungo
Buenos Aires lungo477-85 mgLungo
Ispiranzione Napoli1355-65 mgEspresso
Ispirazione palermo Kazaar12120-125 mgEspresso
Ispirazione ristretto italiano 1075 mgRistretto
Ispirazione firenze arpeggio decaffeinato 9Less than 3 mgEspresso
Ispirazione roma855-65 mgEspresso
Ispirazione venezia 855-65 mgEspresso
Ispirazione genova livanto655-65 mgEspresso
Ispirazione italiano 1075 mgEspresso
Ispirazione firenze arpeggio 963 mg Espresso
India 1155-65 mgEspresso
Indonasia855-65 mgEspresso
Colombia655-65 mgEspresso
Nicaragua555-65 mgEspresso
Ethiopia 455-65 mgEspresso
Caprico 555-65 mgEspresso
Volutto 455-65 mgEspresso
Cosi455-65 mgEspresso
Volluto decaffeinato 4Less than 3 mgEspresso

Nespresso Vertuo Pods

The vertuoLine capsules differ from the original ones. They are specifically made for the vertuo machines because the vertuo coffee makers use a barcode reading to extract coffee from the capsule and direct the machine to dispense the required amount of water. Vertuo capsules come in various sizes and contain more coffee grounds.

Nespresso vertuo line capsule
Nespresso Vertuoline capsule

Cup Size

Caffeine Content

Popular flavors

Double Espresso (2.7 oz)

100-120 mg

  • Scuro

  • Chiaro

  • Dolce

  • Leggero

Espresso (1.35 oz)

60-150 mg

  • IL cafe

  • Orafio

  • Diavolitto

  • Altissio

Gran Lungo (5 oz)

120-200 mg

  • Costa Rica

  • Ethiopia

  • Inizio

  • Fortado

Coffee (7.7 oz)

170-200 mg

  • Emexica

  • Colombia

  • Intenso

  • Stormio

  • Caramel

Alto (14 oz)

228-350 mg

  • Dolce XL

  • Intenso XL

Caffeine Content in Vertuo Pods

Capsule nameNespresso Intensity levelCaffeine ContentServing 
Mexico7170-200 mgCoffee
Colombia5170-200 mgCoffee
Costa Rica7120-200 mgGran Lungo
Ethiopia4120-200 mgGran Lungo
Diavolitto11150 mgEspresso
IL cafe1150-60 mgEspresso
Altissio950-60 mgEspresso
Orafio650-60 mgEspresso
Toccanto550-60 mgEspresso
Voltesso 450-60 mgEspresso
Altissio Decaffeinateo9Less than 12 mgEspresso
Scuro11100-120 mgDouble Espresso
Chiaro8100-120 mgDouble Espresso
Dolce5100-120 mgDouble Espresso
Fortado8120-200 mgGran Lungo
Arondio6120-200 mgGran Lungo
Inizio4120-200 mg Gran Lungo
Fortando Decaffeinateo8Less than 12 mgGran Lungo
Intenso9170-200 mgCoffee
Stormio8170-200 mgCoffee
Odacio7170-200 mgCoffee
Melozio6170-200 mgCoffee
Solelio2170-200 mgCoffee
Half caffeinato590 mgCoffee
Bianco LeggeroBalanced100-120 mgDouble Espresso
Bianco ForteBalanced170-200 mgCoffee
Hazelino MuffinBalanced170-200 mgCoffee

What Factors affect the Nespresso Caffeine Content?

The factors that affect the caffeine content in Nespresso capsules are as follows:

1. The type of Nespresso Capsule used

The Caffeine Content in your Nespresso coffee depends on the coffee pod you are using. The original line capsules have comparatively less caffeine content than the VertuoLine. Similarly, the lungo capsules contain 77 to 89 mg of caffeine, and the single espresso shot has 63 mg of caffeine. The double espresso shot ranges from 58 to 185 mg of caffeine. If you use decaf capsules for your coffee, the caffeine content will be lower than 0.1%.

2. The type of Coffee Machine used

Out of Nespresso’s original line and vertuo line machines, the one you use for your Nespresso coffee will determine the caffeine content. The pods used in a vertuo coffee machine have more caffeine content, which means your coffee will have higher caffeine content. The vertuo capsules usually have 105 mg caffeine, and the original pods have 60 mg or more caffeine content.

What are Nespresso Decaf Pods?

Some people assume that decaf coffee does not contain any caffeine content. The truth is, it has a small percentage of caffeine but is not free of it. The decaf capsules are the least caffeinated, with only 3 mg of caffeine. Ispirazione firenze arpeggio decaffeinato from the original line and Fortando Decaffeinateo are commonly used decaf capsules.

What is the Caffeine Content in Espresso Shot and Nespresso Lungo?

An espresso shot is 1 to 2 ounces of concentrated coffee containing a bold flavor. It takes around 20 to 30 seconds to make an espresso shot, which has a darker body with foamy crema on the top. Each ounce of an espresso shot contains 63 mg of caffeine. You can consume espresso on its own or add milk and sugar to it as per your preference.

Lungo Capsule has a longer extraction time. The longer the extraction, the more caffeine content it contains. The flavor is harsh but not as bitter as espresso because it is less concentrated. Lungo consists of 77 to 89 mg of caffeine content. It can be served on its own or with a combination of milk and sugar.

Intensity Vs Caffeine

The number of coffee grounds in Nespresso pods does not determine the intensity of Nespresso coffee. People assume that a capsule has higher intensity levels due to more caffeine, which is false. The Capsules with higher intensity levels can have less caffeine and still be intense due to the roast of coffee beans and the flavor. The intensity levels also depend on the ratio of Arabic to Robusta coffee beans in a Nespresso pod. The pods with more Robusta beans will have higher intensity levels as robots beans have a strong and intense flavor while the arabica beans have fruity tones.


Can I make a Lungo using a Nespresso Espresso Capsule?

No! We don’t recommend making lungo coffee using a Nespresso Espresso Capsule. The Lungo coffee capsules require more water and time to dispense coffee. Meanwhile, espresso is made with little water and within a matter of a few seconds. If you make lungo using an espresso pod, the taste will not be as it should be because espresso pods will lose their flavor. 

Does Nespresso have more caffeine than regular coffee?

Nespresso certainly has more flavor than your regular cup of coffee but is not as intense and flavorful as the commercially made coffee. It has rich flavors and aroma, with mild acidity. If we compare the caffeine content of Nespresso coffee with regular coffee, the standard 8-ounce coffee cups contain 10 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, a single Nespresso capsule contains 60 to 150 mg of caffeine content. Typically, an espresso pod may have less caffeine than regular coffee, but if you use two espresso shots, it will double the caffeine content. 

How much caffeine content is in Nespresso Original Barista?

Nespresso barista creations is specially introduced for coffee with milk. People who love milk in their coffee should go for the barista collection. Some of the popular Barista flavors are: 

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