15 Coffee Brewing Methods at Home & Their Differences

Published: 07/31/22 •  16 min read

Coffee has become a daily essential for people worldwide. Coffee supplies have become a kitchen staple for people who want coffee the first thing in the morning. The Coffee world not just has a variety in types of coffees and their flavors but also coffee brewing methods. The brewing method is crucial in coffee making because it sets the base for its overall character and taste.

What is Brewing?

Brewing means the process of making concentrated coffee using ground coffee beans. Before brewing, ground beans are roasted at different levels ranging from mild to high, adding flavor and intensity to the coffee. The next step involves an infusion of water with roasted coffee beans using a specific method.

Choosing a method that suits you can be overwhelming, so it’s better to find out what will be the best and easy option for the type of coffee you like. This article is an overview of popular coffee brewing methods from all around the world.

1. How to brew Single-serve Coffee?

As the name suggests, single-serve coffee is one serving of coffee using coffee machines like Keurig. Keurig is a big name in the espresso industry for its espresso machines. These machines use K-cup pods for brewing one serving of coffee at a time. Each pod has a different flavor, intensity, and aroma.

Grind Size: Fine grind (table salt).

Prep time: 3 minutes

Suggested Ratio: Each pod contains 5-7 grams of ground coffee for a single-serve.


Recommended for:: People who like variety in their coffee. It is the quickest way to make great-tasting espresso in various flavors.

Pros: Convenient, easy, and time-saving.

Cons: The Machines are high maintenance, and restocking coffee pods are expensive.

2. How to brew with an AeroPress?

An AeroPress is a cylindrical device for manually making filter coffee. It extracts coffee, minimizing the acidity and bitterness of the ground coffee. An AeroPress consists of a chamber, a plunger, filter, and a cap and doesn’t require electricity or batteries to operate. The paper filter ensures clean coffee for you to enjoy.

Grind Size: Fine to medium grind.

Prep time: 1 to 3 minutes.

Suggested Ratio: 15-16 grams of coffee grounds to 7 oz water.


Recommended for:: It is an ideal coffee maker for traveling, taking it to the office, or for people looking for a budget-friendly coffee device. 

Pros: It is Portable, low profile, and requires minimal cleanup.

Cons: It requires special paper filters.

3. How to brew with a French Press?

French press is considered the Healthiest  way of making coffee. It involves a steeping method that makes the most consistent coffee. The steeping of coffee in water diffuses all the flavors and tastes in your cup. The coffee is not just delicious but has a heavier texture that is perfect to combine with milk or cream.

Grind Size: Medium to coarse.

Prep time: 4 minutes.

Suggested Ratio: 14-15 grams of coffee to one cup of water.


Recommended for:: It’s a great option if you like to have coffee with company. Use a french press to make several cups at once. 

Pros: The french press can produce 8 cups of coffee at once, it doesn’t need filters, and it’s easy to clean.

Cons: The coffee can become bitter if you are new to steeping.

4. How to brew Turkish Coffee?

The Turks introduced Turkish Coffee to the Ottoman empire in 1554. Their method of brewing coffee was smashing coffee beans in mortars, boiling them over a wood fire, and serving them hot. It is the most famous coffee brewing method in the Middle East. It makes a strong coffee cup with a rich texture.

Grind size: finely ground coffee beans 

Prep Time: 3-4 minutes.

Suggested Ratio: 7 grams of coffee to 60 ml of water.


Recommended for:: If you like to diversify your coffee, try this method. have a cup of Turkish coffee to complete your meal, like the Turks. 

Pros: It is easy, full-flavored, and easy to make.

Cons: It requires special Turkish equipment and can be too intense for people new to this brewing method. 

5. How to brew a Clever Dripper Coffee?

It is similar to the French Press coffee. This brew method involves a Clever Dripper, filter paper, hot water, and coffee beans. As it includes steeping, you can use full-bodied coffees like Brazil or Costa Rica for better results. It is an affordable way of making a great cup of drip coffee.

Grind Size: Medium-fine

Prep time: 3 minutes

Suggested ratio: 15 grams of coffee to 250 ml of water


Recommended for:: If you want a great-tasting filter paper coffee without any fancy equipment, go for a clever dripper coffee. 

Pros: it is affordable, portable, and provides a great aftertaste. 

Cons: if you don’t stir it enough, it becomes acidic. 

6. How to brew Cold Brew Coffee?

Are you tired of your iced coffee tasting like water? Try this brewing method, and you will not be disappointed. It is the best way of making a refreshing iced brew with perfect consistency and sweetness.

Grind Size: Coarse

Prep time: overnight or 24 hours.

Suggested Ratio: 1:7 


Recommended for: it is perfect for someone who likes a refreshing drink with minimal effort and ingredients. You have to wait for hours before indulging in your iced brew. 

Pros: You can make it in large amounts. It is low acidic and tastes naturally sweet. 

Cons: it is a time-consuming brewing method. 

7. How to brew with an Electric Percolator?

Making coffee with an Electric Percolator is similar to stovetop coffee but also very different. This method requires no additional tools for preparing coffee. It has a percolator pot, a filter basket, a water reservoir, a central tube, and a glass globe. If you don’t have a power source you can try Camp coffee percolator.

Grind Size: Coarse coffee

Prep Time: 6 to 10 minutes.

Suggested Ratio: 1 tbsp coffee for one cup. (14 grams to 8 ounces of water)


Recommended for: It produces very bitter coffee with a strong flavor. People who prefer bitter coffee can try this method. 

Pros: It takes minimum effort and time to make coffee.

Cons: The coffee is overly bitter and lacks taste. 

8. How to brew with a Stovetop Percolator?

It is ideal to use while camping, traveling, or anywhere without a power source. If you like strong coffee with a bitter taste, this is the brewing method for you. Stovetop Percolators use steam from the heat to take the water up to the coffee in the filter basket and extract it. The process keeps repeating till you take it off the heat, so don’t let it over-extract the coffee.

Grind Size: Coarsely grinded coffee.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Suggested Ratio: 14 grams for 8 ounces of water.


Recommended for: It is ideal for using it on camping.

Pros: It is an affordable and time saving method.

Cons: The brewing time requires special attention.

9. How to brew with Chemex?

If you like company over coffee, Chemex is your best friend. It can easily take up to 3 or 4 cups in one go. Peter Schlumbohm invented Chemex in 1941. It is delicate, vase-shaped equipment for brewing coffee. It uses a filter paper 30% thicker than the usual one. The technique for this method is a little hard to master.

Grind Size: medium-coarse

Prep time: 3 to 4 minutes

Suggested Ratio: 50 grams of coffee to 25 ounces of water (adjust according to taste)


Recommended for: it’s a good choice for coffee lovers who like to have coffee with some company. Use this method to make several cups at once.

Pros: It makes rich and delicious coffee, and the vessel looks aesthetically pleasing. 

Cons: Not suitable for making one cup of coffee, and if you are new to this method, you may under-extract coffee.

10. How to brew with a Moka Pot?

Originating from Italy, Moka Pot has been a part of home brewing methods since the 1930s. It uses one to two bar pressure to create a great-tasting concentrated coffee with a light texture.

Grind size: Fine as table salt.

Prep time: 5 to 7 minutes.

Suggested ratio: 15 to 17 grams of coffee for 4 cups.


Recommended for: If you are looking for a small yet versatile coffee brewer to make rich and robust coffee, try out Moka pot.

Pros: Moka pot is budget friendly and produces flavorful coffee. 

Cons: You can not use this method without the Moka Pot.

11. How to brew with Siphon Method?

Siphon Brewing method requires patience and practice. It is technical as compared to other brewing methods. But once you get it right, it produces smooth and tea-cup-like coffee.

Grind Size: Medium grind

Perp time: 4 to 5 minutes

Suggested Ratio: 20-25 grams of coffee for 12 oz of water.


Recommended for: Coffee lovers who are involved in trying technical brewing methods must try it.

Pros: It is a very unique and impressive way of brewing coffee.

Cons: It is not easy to operate a siphon brewer, and it is difficult to clean it.

12. How to brew with Hario v60?

Hario v60 can make two cups of coffee. It is one of the most famous methods of making pour-over coffee. You will need a Hario v60, a decanter, and a v60 filter. A kettle and a timer for your brew. It is preferable to use medium roast coffee of your favorite flavor.

Grind Size: Medium-fine

Prep time: 5 minutes

Suggested Ratio: 25 grams of coffee to 400 grams of water. 


Recommended for:: People who like to try different coffee sizes to keep the experience interesting must try this brewing method.

Pros: It is easier to clean a Hario v60, and you can get it in three sizes: 10 oz, 20 oz, and 30 oz.

Cons: It requires special V60 filter paper, and not all parts are dishwasher safe.

13. How to brew with Coffee Bags?

If you are looking for a coffee-making technique, this is the one. It doesn’t require grinding coffee beans or going through several steps to make a coffee cup. It might not make the best-tasting coffee, but it is the cheapest and quickest method.

Grind Size:  medium coarse.

Prep time: 3 to 4 minutes.

Suggested Ratio: 1 coffee bag per cup.


Recommended for: It is perfect for coffee drinkers who have a busy routine and can compromise on the quality for a quick coffee fix.

Pros: Coffee bags are environmentally friendly as compared to coffee pods. Also, this method requires no cleanup.

Cons: It doesn’t make flavorful and high quality coffee.

14. How to brew Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee can be an instant solution for coffee cravings. This method takes a few minutes and minimal steps to make a cup of delicious coffee. The coffee is not as great as drip coffee but works well.

Grind Size: Very Fine.

Prep time: 30 seconds to one minute.

Suggested Ratio: 2g of Instant Coffee granules in 200 ml of water.


Recommended for: It can be a great option if you are not in the mood to go through several steps and use coffee brewing devices to make coffee. 

Pros: A fast and no-fuss method of making coffee.

Cons: The taste of coffee is not very impressive. 

15. How to brew Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee, also known as Nitrous, is a refreshing and cold coffee using a Nitro Coffee Maker. It is not very popular but a unique way of making coffee. In this method, the ingredient that stands out is nitrogen. Nitrogen makes it sweet and refreshing and adds texture.

Grind size: coarse coffee beans.

Prep time: 18 to 24 hours.

Suggested ratio: 4 oz of coffee to 4 oz of cold water.


Recommended for: People who like to have low-calorie beverages can try this coffee.

Pros: It has a flavor and tastes refreshing.

Cons: You can not make it at home without the special equipment, which is quite expensive.

The Bottom Line

There are a variety of ways to make your favorite coffee. The most appropriate option depends on how you like coffee and how much money and time you are willing to invest. Try a pour-over, French press, or percolator if you’re looking for a simple, low-cost method. If you are interested in advanced coffee brewers, several automatic drip machines, single-serve pod machines, and espresso machines are also available. Any brewing method you choose, we hope it doesn’t disappoint you. Happy Brewing!

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