Nespresso Troubleshooting Guide on How To Resolve 8 Common Problems

Published: 07/14/22 •  8 min read

A Nespresso machine is all you need to have a delicious cup of coffee at home or work. Nespresso offers a wide range of coffee machines, each with a unique design but all equally stylish, convenient, and easy to use. However, it’s important to remember that, like any machine, Nespresso coffee machines can experience malfunctions if not operated correctly. That’s why Nespresso provides user manuals that cover everything from basic operation to maintenance and troubleshooting. To help you avoid any issues with your Nespresso machine, we’ve created a Nespresso troubleshooting guide with simple solutions to common problems

Like any other machine, Nespresso coffee machines can give you trouble if they are not operated correctly. To help you avoid any issues, Nespresso provides user manuals that cover everything from basic operation to maintenance and troubleshooting. However, it’s important to keep in mind that coffee machines can sometimes malfunction and cause problems. To help you solve any issues you may have with your Nespresso machine, we’ve created a Nespresso Troubleshooting guide with simple solutions.

Common Nespresso Coffee Machine Issues

Some of the common coffee machine issues coffee drinkers face are not even real problems; they are just glitches with very simple solutions. So, if one day your Nespresso machine doesn’t brew a cup of coffee as it did earlier, look out for some malfunctions your coffee machine could have. The following are the most common problems found when operating Nespresso machines:

1. Nespresso Machine Not Turning On

A light on a Nespresso coffee machine indicates that your machine is on and ready to brew your coffee, but if the light doesn’t turn on, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your coffee machine is broken or malfunctioning. Before coming to any other conclusion, check if the coffee maker is properly plugged in. Sometimes, we are in a hurry and do not put the plugin properly or forget to press the button.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, try a different socket for your coffee machine because the one you are trying might be out of order.

2. Nespresso Machine Light Flashing

Brewing coffee from coffee machines seems like the easiest way to have a good start to your day, and a flashing light tells us that the coffee machine is heating up. If the flashing is not what it usually is, several things might not be going well with your coffee machine:

a. The coffee machine might be in descaling mode

If the coffee machine has not been cleaned for three months, it must be descaled. Your machine needs to be cleaned immediately for it to function properly.

b. The water needs to be refilled

Check the water tank in your coffee machine. The light will be flashing if there isn’t enough water for the coffee machine to brew coffee.

c. The capsule is stuck

If a capsule is stuck in the capsule holder, your machine will give you a hint by flashing a light.

d. The coffee machine needs a factory reset

Coffee machines usually take up to 20 seconds to brew a cup of coffee, and if it takes longer, it means there is something wrong with the machine. To make the machine work in default mode, try resetting it.

3. No or Less Water Flow

You probably already know that your coffee machine has a compartment for water. Make sure you fill it and check if there is enough water for your coffee before brewing. Sometimes, when everything in the coffee machine looks fine, but the water doesn’t come out of the spout, your machine might need to be descaled. The process of descaling a coffee machine is described below, so keep reading.

Other factors that may affect the water flow could be a capsule blocked in your Nespresso machine or inserted incorrectly.

4. Coffee Capsule Leakage

Inserting a coffee capsule into your Nespresso coffee machine correctly is usually the first step of the coffee-making process. Every Nespresso coffee machine has a special holder for capsules to be inserted. Once the capsule is inserted, and the power button is pressed, the coffee machine punctures the capsule to brew coffee.

If the problem remains, clean the washer plate that may have some coffee residue.

5. Brewing Takes Longer than Usual

Nespresso coffee machines usually take 15 to 20 seconds to brew a cup of coffee. If it takes more time, you need to reset your machine to default settings. The default settings operate the coffee machines on factory settings, which can help you with this error.

6. Coffee is not Hot Enough

The first option will always be descaling coffee machines. The thermoblock, pipes, tubes, and containers of coffee machines may have coffee residue or dirt that blocks the heating process, and your cup of coffee may not be hot enough.

7. The Coffee Capsule is Stuck

Ensure you insert the coffee capsule correctly so the pins in the capsule compartment can pierce it and brew your coffee. It could get stuck in the machine if it is upside down or sideways.

8. Nespresso Machine Making Loud Noise

Coffee machines usually make some noise when brewing normal coffee, but if it is too loud to bear, it means something is wrong with the internal parts of the machines. A coffee machine has several parts joined together, so there might be some wear and tear. Take it to the nearest store to get it checked professionally. 

Nespresso Coffee Makers Troubleshooting

We have created a guide for troubleshooting Nespresso coffee makers. The common problems faced by Nespresso coffee machine owners are highlighted, along with their simplest possible solutions.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker Troubleshooting



The Light doesn’t turn on.

  • Push the “unlock” button to turn on the machine.

  • Check if the machine the plugged in properly.

  • Check socket and voltage.

Blinking light when the machine is turned on.

  • It indicates that the machine in on.

  • If machine is on but not brewing coffee: check the capsule and water tank.

  • Clean your machine.

Blinking light but the machine doesn't work.

  • Bar code reading takes a few seconds.

  • The Machine is pre-wetting the coffee.

  • Check if the lever is properly locked.

  • The Machine might be overused, let it cool down.

The Machine doesn't start, the Light blinks alternatively (1 blink 1 pause).

  • Close the lever properly.

  • Fill enough water to brew coffee

The Machine is running, the Light blinks alternatively (2 blinks 1 pause)

  • For coffee; Insert the capsule properly, lock the lever and push the ON button.

  • For descaling; take out the capsule and lock the lever.

The Light is blinking alternatively 3 time

  • Requires descaling process.

The Machine doesn't start.

  • Check the plug.

  • Close the lever properly.

  • Insert a capsule

  • Press ON

The Machine not brewing coffee

  • Check lever.

  • Fill the water tank.

  • Check capsule.

  • Descale if necessary.

The Machine is leaking.

  • Place the water tank properly.

The Machine turns off automatically.

  • If the Nespresso machine is not used for 9 minutes, it goes on energy-saving mode automatically

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Maker Troubleshooting



Pairing issues.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device.

  • Check the compatibility of your device.

  • Keep your device close to the machine.

Unpairing machine via the application.

  • Open app

  • Go to the Nespresso machine.

  • Press unpair.

Unpairing machine via the machine.

  • Press the Ristretto and Espresso buttons both at once & unplug the machine.

No light on coffee buttons

  • The Machine is in energy-saving mode

Unusual coffee extraction

  • Check water tank.

  • Descale the machine

Coffee is not hot.

  • Clean the machine

The Maintenance light is blinking

  • Check for blocked capsule

  • Fill water reservoir

Nespresso light is turned on.

  • There is no capsule

Unusual milk froth.

  • Use refrigerated milk for the best results.

  • Check if the milk is fresh.

Overflowing of milk.

  • Check for appropriate whisk.

The Red button is on

  • The machine is overused, let it cool down.

  • Check for whisk.

  • Fill milk frother.

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Maker Troubleshooting



Water in capsule compartment.

  • Place the capsule correctly.

  • Check the water tank placement.

Irregular blinking.

  • Call helpline for details.

No coffee on water.

  • Check water tank

  • Descale your coffee machine 

No coffee only water

  • Descale

  • Check capsule

Coffee is not hot

  • Descale your machine there might be dirt in thermoblock.

The Machine doesn't pierce the capsule.

  • Check the capsule placement.

  • Check if the punch needle is broken or bended.

Nespresso C50 Coffee Maker Troubleshooting



The water tank leakage in Nespresso machine.

  • Time to replace it with a new tank

Power cord damaged.

  • Replace the power cord with a new one.

  • Do not use the damaged power cord, it could cause serious problems.

Capsule ejection issue.

  • Replace brewing unit.

Waste water tank keeps on moving.

  • Check if it has its metallic plate for holding.

Spare parts damaged

  • Descale your machine there might be dirt in thermoblock.

The Coffee machine is not working

  • Check if the plug is working

  • Check socket

  • Check voltage

  • Push the on button

Blinking lights

  • The Machine needs to cold down.

Coffee extraction fails.

  • Check the water tank.

  • Clean your machine.

  • Checks capsule placement.

  • The Water pump needs to be replaced.

Nespresso EF 451 Coffee Maker Troubleshooting



Closing handle damaged

  • Changes its damper.

Water tank leakage.

  • Place the water tank correctly after refills.

  • Replace it with a  new one.

Damaged housing parts.

  • Replace the parts if necessary

Damaged cord

  • Replace the cord to avoid any danger.

Cup support makes sounds.

  • Check if the supporting rubbers are mounted or not.

  • Replace rubber stoppers if damaged or missing.

Capsule not ejected properly.

  • The Brewing unit of the coffee makers needs replacement.

Nespresso Pixie c60 Coffee Makers Troubleshooting



The Lever doesn't close.

  • It can happen if the coffee capsule is not inserted correctly

No water flow.

  • Refill water.

  • Check if the water tank is placed correctly.

No light turned on.

  • Nespresso machines tend to go on energy-saving mode if not used for a few minutes. So, press the power button again.

Coffee is not hot enough.

  • Warm your cup

  • Your machine might need descaling

Nespresso Coffee Makers Descaling Process

For your Nespresso coffee makers to function properly, you must descale it every three months. The machines require maintenance and attention to cleanliness to function properly. If you don’t descale your machines, you will face several problems on a daily basis when trying to brew your coffee.

We have explained the basic steps of descaling a coffee machine:

1. Ejecting coffee capsules

The first step is to remove the capsule from the machine. Make sure you do it before activating the descaling mode.

2. Take out the drip tray 

Remove the drip tray and used capsule container and clean them.

3. Put a container 

Put a container that would have the descaling solution from the machine. 

4. Activate descaling mode

The descaling mode will be activated by pressing Lungo and Espresso buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Both LEDs on the machine will start blinking.

5. Refill the water tank

Press the lungo button on the Nespresso coffee maker to empty the water tank, then refill it with a descaling solution. Repeat the process of activating the descaling mode.

6. Deactivate descaling mode

Press the lungo and espresso buttons again to deactivate the descaling mode. Your machine is now ready to use.


Why does my Nespresso machine not brew a full cup?

Check your water tank. Ensure enough water for your machine to brew a cup of coffee. If it still doesn’t work, check the setting of your machine. Factory reset the cup setting. Switch off the machine, press the cup button for 10 to 12 seconds and switch on the machine. Leave the button after 2 seconds.

When should I descale my coffee machine?

Like every other appliance, coffee makers also need cleaning. You must descale your coffee machine every three months, or it will start giving you hints to do so by causing troubles in the brewing process. Either your coffee will have residue in the cup, water will start flowing from the capsule holder, coffee will not be hot enough, or it will have an unusual taste.

What does the flashing light on my Nespresso Machine mean?

You must know the difference between different kinds of flashing of your Nespresso machine light. The light blinks when you switch on your machine, so it’s normal. However, if your machine needs descaling or if there is a capsule not inserted correctly, the machine will warn you by flashing lights. When there isn’t enough water for the machine to brew coffee, the flashing light will give you a hint to troubleshoot the error.

Are Nespresso machines repairable?

Yes! You must contact the customer care team through the helpline for repair issues. However, the repair is not free of charge. The details can be discussed with the specialist before they pick up your machine for repair. 

Can I put milk instead of water?

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