Keurig K Slim Vs. Mini: A More Compact Way to Brew

Published: 11/08/22 •  10 min read

If you are into small coffee makers that conveniently squeeze into the tiniest countertops, Keurig coffee machines won’t let you down! The brand is well-known for producing high-quality single-serve pod-based coffee makers at affordable prices.

Keurig K-Slim and Keurig Mini are two of the brand’s tiniest, most affordable, and most famous coffee makers, so I couldn’t resist trying them out. But the question is, Keurig K-Slim vs. Mini? Which one will win this showdown?

I tested and compared both models to solve the mystery. Keep reading to know which option is the best pick!

FeatureKeurig K-SlimKeurig K-Mini
Water Tank:46oz Removable Tank12oz Fixed Tank
Brew Sizes:8, 10, and 12oz6 to 12oz
Auto Shut-Off:5 Minutes90 Seconds
Indicator Lights:YesNo
Dimensions:4.7″ x 12.1″ x 15.2″4.5” x 12.1” x 11.3”
Colors:Black & WhiteMatte Black, Poppy Red, Studio Gray, Oasis, and Dusty Rose
Fits Travel Mug:YesYes
Removable Drip Tray:YesYes

Keurig K Slim Overview

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As the name implies, the Keurig K-Slim is a sleek and tiny coffee machine, only 5 inches wide. The machine can conveniently fit the smallest countertops and kitchen shelves with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Despite being small, it is still a beast regarding functionality and quality. It heats up quickly, has a fast brew time, and is equipped with a large multi-cup water reservoir of 46 oz.

Do you know what the best part is? The model is tall enough to fit a travel mug to have your delicious coffee on the go! 

It offers three brew sizes and an energy-saving feature to cut down your power bills. Yes, the Keurig K-Slim automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Isn’t that great? 



Keurig Mini Overview

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Keurig K Mini is a single-serve coffee maker almost the same size as the Keurig K Slim – 5 inches wide. However, its 12 oz water reservoir is considerably smaller and can only brew coffee one cup at a time.

The main selling point of the Keurig Mini is its affordable price tag, which is rare in the market. Like K-Slim, Keurig Mini is also sleek and compact for convenient storage and portability. 

Moreover, the machine is also equipped with basic features like auto shut-off and a descaling cycle. It also features discrete cord storage to make the whole unit and your kitchen look tidy. 

As for brew size options, you can only make 6 to 12 oz of coffee with the Keurig Mini. But the main draw is that the unit can easily fit a tall travel mug.



Keurig K Slim Vs. Mini: Side-by-Side Comparison

What you just went through above was a brief tour of the features and specifications of Keurig K Slim and Mini. Now it’s time to go through more technical details.

Are you curious to look closely at the differences and similarities between these two sleek and mighty Keurig coffee makers? No worries, I have got you covered. Read on!

Color & Design

A group of K Mini Coffee Makers

The Keurig K-Slim and Mini have almost the same size and shape; both are 5 inches wide and very sleek and slim. However, the Keurig Mini is still less tall and heavier than the K-Slim. 

Moreover, the K-Slim only comes in two color options; black and white. While the K-Mini comes in plenty of exciting colors like Matte Black, Poppy Red, Studio Gray, Oasis, and Dusty Rose. 

Keurig K-Mini also features cord storage at the back of the unit. This storage option can keep your cord hidden while not using the machine. However, you won’t find this feature in K-Slim. 

Overall, I found both K-Slim and K-Mini super cute, aesthetically pleasing, and functional in terms of design. But if you still want me to take sides, I’ll go with the Keurig Mini in the Color & Design section. It offers more color options and cord storage and is tinier than K-Slim. 


I found both Keurig K-Slim and K-Mini very convenient and effortless to use. They feature a one-touch operation and come with a detailed manual. However, they still have a few differing features.

As mentioned above, the K-Mini offers a cord storage feature that is very beneficial. Apart from this, the only programmability and usability feature you will find is the energy-saving one. The K-Mini coffee maker automatically turns off after 90 seconds of no use. In my opinion, this time frame is too short. Also, you’ll find a removable drip tray to clean the spills and overflows. 

While on the other hand, the K-Slim is equipped with a handful of features to provide a more pleasant experience. First of all, the K-Slim machine allows you to save energy by automatically shutting off after 5 minutes of inactivity. There is also a conveniently removable drip tray.

Moreover, it has three preset brew sizes, which means you can enjoy the coffee beverage of your desired size. The main draw is the Multi-Stream Technology; K-Slim extracts coffee from pods using five puncture needles to provide the most flavorful coffee with the perfect aroma. 

Though it’s already evident, I vote for the K-Slim in the usability category.

Water Reservoir

K Slims Reservoir Capacity

The Keurig K-Slim has a removable water reservoir of 46 oz. The tank capacity is sufficient to enjoy several cups of coffee in one refill. Moreover, the water reservoir detaches effortlessly – take it out from the back, re-fill, and attach it back in a matter of 1 minute. 

While on the other hand, the water reservoir of K-Mini is not removable, and the capacity is only 12 oz. It can only brew one cup of coffee in one refill, which can be a bit of a hassle for people who drink plenty of coffee in a day. 

Another significant difference between the two machines is the placement of the water reservoirs. The reservoir of K-Slim is at the back of the unit, while K-Mini has it on the top. 

Now which machine is better depends on your requirements. If you are a frequent coffee drinker, I recommend opting for K-Slim since it has a large water reservoir. If you only drink one or two cups in a day, then K-Mini would work for you.

Brew Size Options

I think we all know that coffee makers come with different brew size options to let you control how strong you want your drink. The larger the brew size, the stronger the coffee. Having said that, K-Slim and K-Mini also offer some brew-size options. 

The K-Slim offers three brew size options; 8, 10, and 12 oz cups. However, the K-Mini offers only one brew size, and you can brew a cup anywhere from 6 to 12 oz. 

The K-Slim won in the brew size options department.


I found the brewing process very convenient for both machines. For K-Slim, you must select your brew size (8, 10, 12) from the three buttons on the top of the machine and then push the ‘K’ button to start your brewing session.

For Keurig Mini, you must fill the water reservoir (6 to 12 oz) and press the ‘K’ button to start brewing your coffee. 

I found both Keurig K-Slim and Mini excellent and efficient in brewing quality, convenience, and speed. 

Compatibility with K-Cup Pods

A Group of K Cups

Being Keurig machines, are compatible with all K-Cups. The thing I love about both machines is that they are also compatible with pods from other brands like Lavazza, Dunkin’, and Peet’s coffee. This freedom can allow you to enjoy a variety of coffee flavors other than what you get from K-Cups

You can even use reusable and refillable pods with Keurig K-Slim and Mini. Just fill the reusable pods with your favorite ground coffee and enjoy! This will help you save both money and the environment!

Variety of Drinks

Both Keurig Slim and Mini can brew standard coffee beverages for you. However, you will have to work a little harder to brew complicated coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Since both machines do not have any milk accessories, you will have to purchase a separate Keurig Milk Frother to enjoy your cappuccinos and lattes. 

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Coffee Quality

K-Slim undoubtedly produced an excellent and flavorful coffee with the help of its Multi-Stream technology. The coffee was well-rounded, well-extracted, and had the perfect aroma! 

K-Mini also brewed good coffee but wasn’t as well-rounded as K-Slim. However, the taste and flavor were still exceptional.

In conclusion, I give K-Slim the edge in the coffee quality department.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since Keurig K-Slim and Mini are tiny and compact, their cleaning and maintenance are a piece of cake. They both have a small and easy-to-remove drip tray that requires minimal rinsing to clean. Also, the machines do not have many extra parts besides the water reservoir.

However, it is essential to frequently descale the machines to increase their durability and prevent bacterial growth. Just purchase the Keurig descaling solution from the brand’s website and run a regular brew cycle. 


The Keurig K Slim is priced at around $80, and K Mini is around $50. Considering their features and functionality, both machines’ prices are justified. If you are willing to compromise on a few features, you can opt for the most affordable Keurig Mini. 

What is the Difference Between the Keurig Mini and Slim?

Here is a breakdown of the key differences between Keurig Mini and Slim:

Removable Water Tank:
Tank Capacity:46oz12oz
Auto Shut-Off:5 Minutes90 Seconds
Cord Storage:
Brew Sizes:31

Keurig K Slim Vs. Mini: Which One Should You Buy?

Now that we have gone through the key differences and comparisons of the two machines, the question is, which is the best pick for you?

Though my personal favorite is the Keurig K-Slim, this decision depends on your preferences, needs, and requirements. 

You can opt for the Keurig Mini without thinking twice if you want something super budget-friendly and lightweight with a small water reservoir and fewer features.

However, if you consume more coffee during the day and want the freedom to choose different brew sizes, I recommend going for the Keurig K-Slim.


Can I use ground coffee in Keurig Slim or Mini?

Yes, you can use ground coffee in the Keurig Slim and Mini with the help of reusable and refillable pods.

Can I make iced coffee in Keurig Slim or Mini?

None of the two machines has an over-ice button. If you want a specific feature for iced coffee, you will have to opt for more expensive Keurig machines. But the good thing is that you don’t need this pre-programmed feature. Just brew the standard coffee in your K-Slim or Mini machine and pour ice over it. So yes, you can enjoy iced coffee with K-Slim and Mini. 

Can Keurig coffee makers dispense hot water?

Yes, Keurig coffee makers can dispense hot water, but they don’t have a specific feature for this purpose. Start the brewing session without the K-Cup pods, and the hot water will automatically dispense. 

Keurig Slim vs. Mini: Which one is travel mug friendly?

Both Keurig Slim and Mini can conveniently fit a travel mug. 

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